Diversity Data


Firms regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) are required to collect, report and publish workforce diversity data. A diversity questionnaire is given to each individual within a firm on an annual basis for completion, however individuals are not obliged to provide the firm with their diversity data and they may complete the diversity questionnaire selecting the option of “prefer not to say” for one or more of the questions. The data obtained from individuals is then aggregated and reported to the SRA and the SRA in turn publish the data aggregated across the profession.

In August 2017  the majority of our workforce completed the diversity data questionnaire.

The data requested is divided into the following categories:-
• Employment and ownership.
• Age.
• Gender.
• Disability.
• Ethnicity.
• Socio economic background.
• Caring responsibilities.

The data collated from those who completed the questionnaires, confirmed the Firm’s make-up as follows:-

The firm is made up of both male and female staff of varying ages, religious beliefs and ethnic backgrounds.  The social/economic background of staff is varied with some having attended state school and some having attended independent/fee paying schools.  Some staff have been to University and some members of staff have caring responsibilities for family members.”


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