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Nick Melville 

Nick's 34 years in the job has left him surprisingly sane and enthusiastic. Over the years he has defended every crime imaginable. From The Old Bailey to Oldham, from Huyton magistrates to the House of Lords. He still takes great pleasure in seeing a wrongly accused client acquitted.


"He is argumentative, aggressive, stubborn and cantankerous" say his partners. " He does everything at break neck speed , including working, talking and eating." He is a people person and he loves the law. Nick fervently believes the best possible way to combine these passions is to be a criminal lawyer and ensure the might of the establishment doesn't crush the ordinary man or woman or take unfair advantage in any way. He is a fervent believer in access to justice for all and is very proud of the fact that his partners and staff all try, every day, to facilitate this access in every way they can. 


He is a firm believer in the old adage " work hard , play hard". Out of the office his loves are his family, his dog, hot yoga, holidays and great restaurants,  skiing to nice restaurants, playing golf on beautiful golf courses, going to watch Liverpool F.C. and Gin!

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