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The Magistrate Trials and Contested Hearings Department

Lionel Greig heads the Magistrates department. We have the best Magistrates trial lawyer in the city, in our opinion. 


Specialising in both legal aid and privately funded Magistrates court hearings. He provides cover for all offences, he is a long standing duty solicitor and carries out trials every day of the working week. He has an enviable reputation as trial lawyers in the North West and an unbelievable acquittal rate. 


We cover all Magistrates courts in the North West and we are prepared to travel to cover your case. Any conviction in any court can be career threatening, potentially life destabilising, and possibly put you at risk of loss of liberty. We understand this and can assist in the manner in which we prepare your case and take instructions.


No trial or contested hearing is too big or too small. All matters, including motoring matters can be accommodated. Lionel has four other partners and solicitors to assist in this department , who have a wealth of experience. The department prides itself on its preparation for hearings, leaving no stone unturned.

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